Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preheating the Oven

Baking with a friend in the kitchen can be...distracting. Especially if that 'friend' is more interested in you than say the chocolate chip cookies. Focusing on making sure I didn't forget 1 tsp. of salt or vanilla, I forgot to turn on the oven. Not realizing that the oven was cold until after the cookie sheet was full of dropped spoonfuls of dough, I turn to my friend who was ready to place the cookie sheet into the oven and say, "You know, you gotta preheat the oven before you stick it in".

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where Is Your Chocolate Cake?

My dance teacher said the combo needed a sensual quality. It needed to be dark, rich and smooth, she said, "like chocolate cake". She added, "Because chocolate cake knows you're coming back". I bet, somehow, the world would be better if we could all find our inner chocolate cake and embody it more. Would you like some more?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What to Do With Eggplant

At a dinner party, I found people were delighted with the eggplant bruschetta I brought. Folks were commenting on and contrasting the textures between the crunchy crostini and the creamy eggplant. At the dinner table someone says, "No, really, what did you do to the eggplant?". "I whispered sweet nothings in its ear," I replied. "I gently laid the slices down and made them sweat by rubbing salt on them. Then I spanked them with a paper towel, patted them dry, and finally, rubbed them all over with oil before they melted in the oven. You'd feel the same if someone did that to you."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Eat a Clementine

A friend asks me, "Why are you peeling it so slow?". In my sinewy hands I hold a small ripe clementine, trembling in my fingers, waiting to be eaten. "Because it tastes better", I reply. Slowly but firmly I peel the skin off the delicate citrus fruit. "You've gotta peel it like you're taking its clothes off. You've gotta make it blush. Then it tastes better." I allow the anticipation to build for a few more seconds. Then, I mercilessly split the fruit in two, stick sections in my mouth and chew...mmmmm, so sweet & juicy!